Umatilla RFPD

The Umatilla RFPD is a combination department, meaning that a few hard-working paid people keep the district running, but we rely heavily on dedicated volunteers to truly get our mission done.

Our volunteers are trained to the same high standards as career, paid firefighters, but they're doing it outside of their normal daily activities.

Our volunteers come in all ages and sizes, and from many career fields like construction, corrections, administration, and medical fields.

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Umatilla Rural Fire Protection District
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Fire Safety on the Road (Part 3 of 3) To prevent a car fire: - Gas cans and propane cylinders should never be transported in the passenger compartment. - Never park a car where flammables, such as grass, are touching the catalytic converter. - Drive safely to avoid an accident. - Know the danger signs, which include cracked or loose wiring or electrical problems, including a fuse that blows more than once; oil or fluid leaks; oil cap not on securely; and rapid changes in fuel or fluid level or engine temperature. ... See MoreSee Less
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The Umatilla RFPD is always looking for new members.  Please click on the link below to download the application. Once completed, please email it to