Call Responses – 2021

Call Responses – 2020

Call Responses – 2019

Call Responses Over the Years

  • 599 Calls in 2018
  • 608 Calls in 2017
  • 518 Calls in 2016
  • 504 Calls in 2015
  • 478 Calls in 2014
  • 573 Calls in 2013
  • 606 Calls in 2012
  • 537 Calls in 2011


We are a fire department. Our primary mission is to protect lives and property through fire suppression.

Emergency Medical Quick Response

In support of the community and our ambulance partner to the south, Umatilla County Fire District #1, we also respond to calls for medical assistance with our quick response team (QRT).

Public Education

Whether you’re a business looking to make sure you’re operating as safely as can be, or a school teacher wanting a presentation on fire safety, or a group looking for a station tour; we can help. Just give us a call or send us a message!

Volunteer Today…

The Umatilla RFPD is always looking for new volunteers. Join us today. Volunteer Now!