Umatilla RFPD

The Umatilla RFPD is a combination department, meaning that a few hard-working paid people keep the district running, but we rely heavily on dedicated volunteers to truly get our mission done.

Our volunteers are trained to the same high standards as career, paid firefighters, but they're doing it outside of their normal daily activities.

Our volunteers come in all ages and sizes, and from many career fields like construction, corrections, administration, and medical fields.

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June 5, 2020
Protecting your home and family from summer wildfires
Assemble an Emergency Kit
Create a kit for wildfire-related emergencies in case it becomes difficult for you to get supplies. You should keep three days' worth of food, water, and medical supplies on hand at all times. Store your kit in a safe place like your basement or pantry.

Have a Wildfire Plan
Before there is a danger of wildfires, sit down with your family to agree on an escape route from your home. Map out several routes you could take to leave the area in your vehicle. Write down your plans, and keep them with your emergency kit.

Create a Safety Zone Around Your House
FEMA recommends clearing all dry vegetation and debris from around your home, keeping a clear area that extends 30 to 100 feet from your house. Get rid of dry grass, leaves, vines, fallen branches, firewood, and other flammable materials within this area. Mow your grass to keep it short, and never store rags with oil or gasoline near your home.

Help Firefighters Find Your House
If firefighters need to get to your house, it's best if the property is clearly marked. Make sure your house number is clearly visible from the street

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May 29, 2020
Water Activity Safety
As we head into the hottest months of the year, many families turn to water activities to beat the heat. However, even fun water activities have serious risks if the proper precautions aren’t taken.
- Review safe boating practices.
- Never consume alcohol while driving a boat.
- Before boating, always check that there are enough life
preservers on hand for every passenger.
- Set water safety rules for your family.
- Pools should be enclosed completely with a fence to restrict
access to the area. Consider installing wireless outdoor
sensors that will alert you via phone or with a chime inside
your home if the sensors are activated.
- Keep a first aid kit near the pool.

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